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Omega vintage watch: macro watch photography

Calibre number on a vintage Omega watch

Omega reference number on the movement

Signed crown on an Omega watch

Omega signature on a vintage dial

The calibre number on the movement, in this case ‘265’ will help to establish the quality of the movement. Quite often the presence of a calibre number suggests the movement is of a higher quality than a standard movement. The reference number helps to date the watch to the year of manufacture. There are websites where watch enthusiasts and dealers have put up reference number details. The watch manufacturer can also supply details. An original signed crown adds value to a vintage watch.

Images © Bip Mistry 2011


Omega movement

Omega Swiss vintage watch movement

Photo: © Bip Mistry 2010

IWC International Watch Company movement

International Watch Company movement

This is an IWC Schaffhausen movement. In keeping with their Latin motto (1903), Probus Scafusia: ‘good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen’.

Photo © Bip Mistry 2010

Rolex Oyster Junior Sport Extra Prima

Rolex Oyster Junior Sport, Extra Prima

A stainless steel Rolex Oyster, small case, boy’s size. All original dial. Charming watch.

Image © Bip Mistry 2010

Breitling Top Time Chronograph

Breitling Top Time Chronograph

This Breitling Chronograph has a gold top steel case, and a Breitling/Venus 17 jewel movement, Cal 7730.

Photo by Bip Mistry.

Le Coultre Co Swiss Movement

Le Coultre Swiss movement from ladies Jaeger Le Coultre vintage watch

Image: © Bip Mistry 2010

Breitling Cadette 1950’s ladies vintage watch

Breitling Cadette vintage watch

Breitling Cadette Swiss made original cream dial

An immaculate condition Breitling Cadette ladies vintage watch from the 1950’s. Stainless steel case, original Breitling tag.

Images © Bip Mistry 2010